Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Works Discussed:
* Emerson, "Nature"; "Self-Reliance"
* Kant, from Critique of Pure Reason (Class Handout)

Topics Discussed:
Transcendentalist Movement
* American Renaissance:
Distinctive American Voice
* Influence of Romanticism, Influence of Kant
* Primacy of Individual: Relationship Between Nature and Individual, Universal Spirit, Importance of Intuition and Mind
* Role of Poet
* Conception of History
* Moral Redemption
* Problems with: Conformity, Travel, Imitation of European Culture, Progress

For Next Class:
*Poe, "The Raven;" "The Tell-Tale Heart;" "The Masque of the Red Death;" "The Purloined Letter;" "The Philosophy of Composition;" "The Poetic Principle"

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