Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mary Rowlandson

Works Read:
* Rowlandson, A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mary Rowlandson
* Increase Mather's Preface to Rowlandson's Narrative (Handout)

Topics Discussed:
* Dual Voices: Male vs. Female Voice; Pious vs. Outraged Voice
* Role as Puritan Woman Writer
* Captivity Narrative Genre: Characteristics; Individual as Symbol of Community
* Portrayal of Native Americans, Puritan Community, Nature, Men and Women
* New World Identity
* Role of 21st Century Reader; Role of Authorial Control of Narrative

Due Next Class:
* Edwards, "Personal Narrative"
* Mather, from The Wonders of the Invisible World (308-313)
* Selected Bradstreet Poems:
  • "The Prologue"
  • "Contemplations"
  • "The Flesh and the Spirit"
  • "The Author to Her Book"
  • "Before the Birth of One of Her Children"
  • "In Reference to Her Children"
  • "In Memory...Elizabeth Bradstreet"
  • "In Memory...Anne Bradstreet"
  • "On My Dear...Simon Bradstreet"
  • "Here Follow Some Verses Upon..."
  • "As Weary Pilgrim"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

William Bradford

Work Discussed:
* Bradford,
Of Plymouth Plantation
* Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion (handout)
Hebrews 11:13-16 (handout)

Topics Discussed:
* Millenarian Hopes
* American Dream
* Jeremiad
* Beliefs of Puritans and Pilgrims: Calvinism
* Bradford's Conception of New Word: Encounters with Native Americans and Views on Nature
* Issues of Narrative: Historical Fact or Fiction? Purpose of Work
* Puritan/Separatist View on Role of Writing: "The Plain Style"
* Puritan/Separatist Society: Covenant--Tension Between Individual and Society; Role of Bible
* Mayflower Compact

Spanish Explorers

Works Discussed:
* Christopher Columbus
* De Vaca
* De Las Casas
* Aristotle, Politics (handout)

Topics Discussed:
* Conception of Native Americans and New World
* Views of European Culture
* Significance of Language: Naming
* Global Commerce

--De Las Casas
* Refutation of Ethnocentric Views
* Commodification of Native Americans
* Religious Hypocrisy

--De Vaca
* Observations on Native American Culture, Women and Tribal Life
* New World Identity
* Attitude Toward Christian's Treatment of Native Americans

Native American Tales

Works Discussed:
* The Iroquois Creation Story
* Winnebago Trickster Tales

Topics Discussed:
--Native American Lit:
* Characteristics: Oral Tradition
* Reflection of Cultural Values: Collective Community, Migratory Society
* Importance of Natural World

--Iroquois Creation Story:
* Differences With Western Creation Stories and Mythology
* Reflection of Communal Values: Role of Women, Role of Each Member of Tribe, Egalitarianism
* Significance of Nature
* Role of Narrative: Orality

--Winnebago Trickster Tales
* Characteristics: Trickster Tales
* Importance of Social Identity: Kinship Ties, Titles
* Significance of Social Behavior and Customs: Dangers of Transgression
* Relationship of Identity and Nature, Role of Nature in Tribal Life