Saturday, March 5, 2011

Anne Bradstreet

* Woodbridge, "Kind Reader" (John Woodbridge's Introduction to Bradstreet's The Tenth Muse--Class Handout)
* Selected Anne Bradstreet Poems:
  • "The Prologue"
  • "Contemplations"
  • "The Flesh and the Spirit"
  • "The Author to Her Book"
  • "Before the Birth of One of Her Children"
  • "In Reference to Her Children"
  • "In Memory...Elizabeth Bradstreet"
  • "In Memory...Anne Bradstreet"
  • "On My Dear...Simon Bradstreet"

Topics Discussed:
* Two Voices: Mistress Bradstreet vs. Anne
* Conflicted Views: Nature, Family, Religion/God and Mortal World
* Role of Gender: Views of Womanhood, Views of Men, Bradstreet as Woman Writer

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