Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Native American Tales

Works Discussed:
* The Iroquois Creation Story
* Winnebago Trickster Tales

Topics Discussed:
--Native American Lit:
* Characteristics: Oral Tradition
* Reflection of Cultural Values: Collective Community, Migratory Society
* Importance of Natural World

--Iroquois Creation Story:
* Differences With Western Creation Stories and Mythology
* Reflection of Communal Values: Role of Women, Role of Each Member of Tribe, Egalitarianism
* Significance of Nature
* Role of Narrative: Orality

--Winnebago Trickster Tales
* Characteristics: Trickster Tales
* Importance of Social Identity: Kinship Ties, Titles
* Significance of Social Behavior and Customs: Dangers of Transgression
* Relationship of Identity and Nature, Role of Nature in Tribal Life

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